Birth and Babies Appeal

Birth and Babies AppealThe charity is the new Mother and Baby unit at Warwick Hospital which is opening in the summer of this year and they are looking to raise £200,000.00 to equip the unit with extra equipment such as extra birthing pools, special chairs and furnishings etc. over and above what is provided by the NHS. The existing unit does fantastic work an all aspects of maternity care and the new unit will enable them to provide even better care with better facilities once it is opened.

A recent survey has shown that women feel it is important their partner is able to stay and feel comfortable following the birth, which is why the hospital will also be fitting all four birthing rooms with the same double beds.
They say the new unit will ensure that partners can feel at home, with access to a kitchen where they can prepare their own food and not have to rely on meal service times.
In terms of support for the choir to maximise fund raising for this event, John Abbotts’ daughter’s catering company, Top Nosh Food Ltd, is an official sponsor of this charity and through her business connections and her personal connection with the mother and baby groups in the area she has already received great support for her fundraising events for this charity. She, on behalf of the charity, will be more than happy to arrange and help to run the raffles at our concerts and advertise our events fully on her social media and business emails.

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