Riding for the Disables Association (RDA)

Riding for the Disabled AssociationLocated in Shrewley, Warwickshire, the National Training Centre for the RDA is there to train and inspire volunteers and coaches around the UK. The thousands of horses and ponies that work for the RDA provide life-changing therapy and offer opportunities for riders and carriage-drivers to achieve amazing things. Their network of 500 volunteer groups organise activities such as riding, carriage driving, vaulting, show-jumping and Hippotherapy to up to 28,000 people each year.

Lowlands Farm RDA provides disabled people of nearly all ages and disabilities with the opportunity to find new experiences, different connections and a sense of achievement through inspirational and progressive therapeutic riding sessions designed to deliver both physical and psychological benefits.
Riding takes concentration, balance, and a communication with the horse. It provides the opportunity for people with limited horizons to overcome fears, discover new skills, engage in different relationships and a build new self-confidence. Some children on the autistic spectrum find it easier to relate to the horse than to people. The gentle natural rhythm of a horse’s walk helps physically disabled riders relax into the saddle which in turn develops core strength.

Lowlands Farm RDA depends entirely on support from sponsors, donors and our volunteer team, together with a modest income from riding fees.

All those involved – Trustees, fundraisers, stable hands, office workers, maintenance workers – are unpaid volunteers. Only our coach is on a salary and that’s to ensure consistency of our standards. Every penny goes towards delivering the service safely and reliably.

More info can be found at: https://www.lowlandsfarmrda.org.uk/